How to Overcome Fear

All I can say is..

Holy shit, this video got me so emotional.

I think I’m going to watch this every day.  Shout out to Preston Smiles on YouTube for sharing these powerful messages, this one almost brought me to tears.

In order to overcome fear we need to start changing the way we perceive it.

Did you know that whatever you fear the most is the key to your personal freedom?  I’m saying that if you conquer whatever it is you most fear you will be free.

A powerful way to change the way you perceive fear is to stop getting nervous when you think about your fears.  Instead, get excited.  Feel thrilled by the idea of running straight in to it and giving it your best shot at overcoming it.

Preston would say “transmute” the fear from negative to positive.fear  Change it from worry to creative energy.  Feed off of it!

Another great way to overcome our fears is to stop holding everything in! Seriously, this is so destructive.  We need to be able to have someone we can talk about our fears with, someone who can see it from a different perspective, and most importantly, stop isolating it and get it off our chest!  Having someone know what you’re going through is going to take away the loneliness and make you realize that you aren’t in this alone.

If you have anxieties you should tell people what you are experiencing instead of holding it in.  Do that and tell me you don’t feel better afterwards.  It comes down to being open.  If you can be open with people, they are going to love and accept you for your authenticity.

The vast majority of us were taught to believe that we are weak if we have fears, well, that just isn’t true.  We’re weak if we’re too scared to talk about the fears.  We’re weak if we’re too self-conscious to be ourself.

Practice being vulnerable.  This is the key to your personal freedom.

Start being yourself 100%.  Tell people exactly how you feel, don’t beat around the bush, just do it.

Scared about talking to a girl?

That’s okay.  Talk to her anyways and tell her how you feel.  She is going to appreciate your honesty and think you’re more of a man than the guy who didn’t even try, and even worse, the guy who put on a front.

You being yourself isn’t just going to help you, it’s going to help the people around you.  By being yourself you allow others to be themselves.

Please, start putting yourself out there.

The ones who matter won’t mind.  The ones who mind don’t matter.

overcome fear

Whatever you are scared of doing is exactly what you need to be doing.  Your life is going to turn so dreamlike and come together so quickly once you start doing this.

I know I’m not your teacher, but if I was to give you some homework, this would be it:

Practice vulnerability.  Start expressing yourself 100%.  Be authentic.  If you feel like you’re having a hard time being yourself, let the person you’re talking with know that.  You’re going to feel amazing and you’re going to connect deeply with those people you’re being real with.

So, those are my two essential tips for overcoming fear.

  1. Start thinking about it as exciting, not scary.
  2. Practice the power of vulnerability.

There you have it guys.  My buddy over at Tampa Home Security wouldn’t appreciate this post too much because he relies on fear to make his sales.  Hahahaha just kidding Chet!  If any of you are in South Florida and are worried about someone breaking in to your property, check him out at  🙂

Will be back with some fresh content soon.

Thanks for tuning in everyone, go get it.…

Sex Transmutation – Say What?


Have you ever heard of the concept of sex transmutation?  Not many have.  And I hadn’t until a few days ago when I read where Napoleon Hill talked of it.  What a wonderful idea it turned out to be!


Let’s start with what the word transmutation really means.  In the book he defined it as the change in one form of energy to another.

The emotion of sex, yes, the emotion, brings in to be a certain state of mind.  Napoleon says that, due to the ignorance of sex awareness on our planet, the individual automatically associates the term with the physical.  And he goes on to say that, because of improper influences that most people have been subjected to when acquiring knowledge on sex, all things physical have highly biased the mind.

I found his three constructive potentialities of sex to be of great value to me and my perspective on the matter.  Here they are:

(1) To perpetuate mankind.  If it wasn’t for our deeply rooted sexual desires, mankind wouldn’t be.

(2) For our health.  Sex has no equal in terms of physical therapy.

(3) Here’s the big one.  Sex has the power to change the mediocre individual in to a genius.

The author says that sex is the most powerful of all the emotions.  And that it’s most commonly used destructively and in ignorance.

Sex transmutation is a simple and powerful concept.  Just a few days before I read through the particular chapter I remember thinking about the potentiality in performing this sort of energy transference.  What a nice surprise it was going through this chapter and having my thoughts elaborated on.

In my own terms, based off Napoleon’s, it means to convert your physical sexual energy and thoughts into another nature, thus aiding in the attainment of the other desire, ultimately resulting in constructive action.

He says that sexual energy is of profound importance and sets a great example of some of the attributes required in becoming wildly successful.

When a man is intensely driven by sex, “he experiences keenness and vivid imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”

My way of using sex energy to my greatest benefit, and this is what I started messing around with prior to reading this chapter, is to feed off the energy I get when I come in contact with an attractive woman.  I get excited and inspired, it’s natural!  Automatically I want to do my best and be my best, because of my inborn desire to please a woman.

Most men might tense up or not know what to do with themselves when they’re in the presence of a woman of such beauty, but the secret is to transmute that energy in to something advantageous.  Use her as your motivation, your inspiration.  This is so awesome.. because it works!

Instead of looking at her and wanting to do you know what to her, tune it out.  Instead, create her as a woman you know you’re worthy of, and let her serve as the inspiration for your excellent work.  Know that if you follow up with your dreams and you take massive action in whatever calling you’re involved in, you can be with a woman like that.

The key part of this is to use the energy that comes about in whatever way best fits you, everyone will have their own style.  I look at them as my reward for doing my best in life.  If I don’t do my best, I’ll feel doubtful in myself, thus less confident ,and less attractive – which certainly won’t grant me a woman like that.

I don’t even try to date them, I just use the energy I get from them.  I heard a story one time of a highly successful business man who had hired a beautiful assistant in order for him to feed off the energy she filled him with.  He had no intentions of dating this women, he just knew he was more productive and more motivated in the presence of attractive women.  How bout that..

I can relate.  I watch Jennifer Lawrence interviews on YouTube and I’m jumping out of my seat ready to make something happen.  The calm confidence and poise she possesses is what inspires me most, I love it.  She makes me want to be my best self and face all of my fears.

Hope you guys found this insightful.  Remember, every has got their own way and style.  Transmute that sex energy in to whatever your biggest outside desire is.  This is some real witchcraft stuff.  I mean we are talking about energy transmutation here.  Who else do you know in mainstream society that talks about crazy ideas like this? I’m willing to bet you don’t know many people who are this far out.

The secret is that the most successful people on this planet are far out, and they’ve developed a higher level of awareness.

Challenge the dogma.  Read books. Fill your mind with the teachings of people you really believe in.  You’re going to make it, especially if you stumbled across this post and made it this far in. 🙂

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Developing Your Artistry


The ancient Egyptians talked about artistry as an essential attribute of the healthy, wise human being.  Being a creative, in one way or another, was considered necessary for the full expression, fulfillment, and awareness of our soul’s.

To me, artists are people who interpret the world in their own, unique way, then relay their perceptions in their own, unique way.  Be it through music, dance, drawing, painting, speaking, it doesn’t matter the medium.

I think we are all artists, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Why?

Because to be living on this planet as a human being means you are an artist.  You know, if it weren’t for our mind, us humans wouldn’t be any different than a horse or a pig?  It’s the mind that allows us to be creative and to be more expressive than the other life forms on Earth.

If it wasn’t for our mind we would have no capacity to use our imagination, set goals for ourselves, create plans for the attainment of those goals, and ultimately get from point A to point B effectively.

Our minds are the most powerful, inconceivable forces on this planet – fact.  But this doesn’t mean that we use it to our advantage.  In fact, most people use their mind against themselves.  Instead of using it to create future plans for their success and triumph they use it to think of reasons why they can’t do something.

As a species we need to become aware of the creative faculty we’ve been blessed with.  Every great leader and influencer who has ever lived could tell you first hand the significance of the human mind.  They’d probably tell you something to the effect of you become what you think about most often.

If you choose to focus on the negatives and the “cannot” reasons, then you are going to be a negative person, one who isn’t capable of doing big things. It’s your choice!

If you choose to focus on the positives and the reasons that you can you will be much better off, and much happier!  You’ll come to realize your potential and what a gift it really is to be human.

I suggest you find something that will aid you in your production.  Find something that sparks the right side of your brain, the creative, problem solving side.

Most of us were raised to believe that we aren’t creative.  And that it was only the people who drew nice pictures that were blessed with creativity.  This is bogus, and a real dismay to our educational system.

The only difference between the one who could draw well and the one who couldn’t was the amount of time each of them put in to drawing.  It’s a rarity that anyone is naturally amazing at any one thing.  The kid who drew great pictures simply found interest in it and stuck with it.  The one who sat beside him and told himself he wasn’t creative maybe tried drawing a picture a handful of times, and ended up giving up.  That’s the difference between the successful business man and the unsuccessful business man, too.

The ones who succeed, in any calling, are the ones who don’t stop creating.  They are persistent.  They understand it’s only a matter of time before they become great at what they’re doing.

The kid who saw his favorite musician playing the guitar and singing beautifully.. he felt inspired and thought that he too would like to learn the guitar and learn to sing well.  So, he bought a guitar and went to his first guitar lesson.  He wasn’t able to play any interesting melodies after a few hours of practice that night, and so he perished the idea and deemed himself not capable of learning the guitar.

But, the real truth is that he is no more or less capable of learning the guitar than the great Jimi Hendrix.  He gave up too early, that’s all.

This type of saga can be related to by almost every individual who has endeavored to learn a particular skill, and then gave up.  What happens when someone does this too much and doesn’t see what’s really going on?  They’ll never follow through with anything!  And what happens when people don’t stuck with anything?

They are uninspired, lack skills, lack persistence, lack motivation, lack hobbies, lack confidence, and the list goes on.

I challenge you to STICK WITH IT.  Overnight success doesn’t exist, don’t buy in to that BS.  Real success takes constant effort over a long period of time, that’s all there is to it.

Don’t give up on your dreams, you’re giving up on YOU.  You will regret it.  There is no question about it, you will regret it, look back at it, and maybe hate yourself for it.

Stay motivated, my friends.  See things for how they are.  Know just how powerful you are.  My mind is blown as I’m writing this just thinking about our potential.

Peace, love, and drive.  Later!


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You know, I once heard Bob Proctor say “The only thing we really seek as individuals is more awareness.”

It may sound uninteresting on the surface, but what does it really mean?

Think of it like this:

A person who makes $50,000 a year is only aware of what it takes to earn $50,000 a year.  If they were aware of exactly how to earn $100,000 per year, they would do it.  Agreed?

The man earning $1,000,000 a year is only earning that amount of money because it’s what he’s aware of.  He’s in the same boat.  If he knew how to earn $1,000,000 a month he would be doing it.

The man who has uninspiring, weak relationships only has that problem because he’s not aware of what it takes to have healthy and loving relationships.

You’ve also got to think, the one who doesn’t set out to gain more awareness will never come across it.  Similar to a house wife who has no set intention to bake a pie in the evening . . . if she doesn’t make a decision to do something, she won’t come up with the plan for making her desire happen.

In the same way, the man who doesn’t intend to earn more money will never think about what it takes to earn more money.  And if you don’t think about it, you’ll never come up with any plans.  And if you don’t have any plan, then you’ll wonder aimlessly.

A few months ago I went to a Brendon Burchard seminar in Chicago.  I sat next to a man who was in tune with the concepts mentioned in the preceding paragraphs (one reason seminars are so great is because you never know who you’re going to run in to!).

We ended up conversing throughout the event when there was downtime, and we became good friends.  You know that feeling when you’re talking to somebody, and you feel like you’re staring at a reflection of yourself?  When your thoughts are so aligned with the person you’re speaking with, and you get chills run up your spine?  Yeah, it was one of those moments.

He told me about a Rockford Roofing company he operates and has seen huge expansion with over the last couple of years.  He told me that he owes his success to his great mentors.  He said that without them he wouldn’t have developed a higher, clearer awareness of what it takes to scale up to a million dollar company.  He said it was the repetition of key information that was responsible for shifting himself into a winner’s mindset.

If you want to be more receptive to acquiring more awareness in your life, check out my post on meditation.  By meditating habitually you will automatically put your brain in to the optimal state of learning, thus then helping you become more aware options for yourself.

Hope you guys found this helpful.  If you have any questions on any of this stuff, you know you can contact me.  I’m open to anything and everything, later guys!


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Meditation – “I Don’t Think I’m Doing It Right”


If you’re having a hard time telling if meditation is working for you, that’s alright.  You’re probably new.

And if you’re new to meditation, the chances are you’re right.  It’s something that doesn’t yield results in a few days.  Rather, a few weeks is when you’ll begin to feel your results, if you do it right.

I’m not qualified to tell people whether they’re meditating wrong or right.  There are so many different techniques and ways to meditate.  One person’s idea of the perfect meditation will be different than the next guys.  That’s the beauty in it!

Some people like to meditate one way, others in another way.  You get to choose what your style is.  And it’s not as difficult as people like to assume.  In fact, when done right, it’s effortless.

I’m not going to tell you how to do it.  You can do your own research and learn the different techniques, but I’ll give you my own take and how I go about it.

So, like I mentioned in my blog on developing persistence, it needs to be daily.  If you aren’t meditating daily, you won’t get results.  You really won’t!

My routine looks something like this:

Well, before I am meditating I’m always getting a nice stretch in.  Nothing crazy, just loosening my body up a little bit.  Ya know, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, inner thigh stretch, and a good back stretch.  Usually no more than 5 or 10 minutes is spent on this.

Now it’s game time.  I take my notebook, which has my goals written in it, I open it up so they’re visible, and I lay it out in front of me, and read them a few times over.

I grab my headphones, look up a binaural beat or guided meditation track that I like, and begin by relaxing in to the sounds.  Letting go, and feeling the frequencies.  Little by little I’m sinking myself in to a deeper state of relaxation.

After about 5 minutes I feel super calm and present.  When I get to that it’s time to start visualizing the things I have written down in my notebook.  One by one, I spend a few minutes going over in my head and playing out what it feels like to have those things.

Currently the first three things I have written in my notebook are relax, focus, courage.

So, I go over in my head how it feels to be a relaxed and calm force.  I see other people enjoying the relaxation I bring to them.  I see me being in control of myself in all situations.  Whether I’m speaking to a large group of people or a woman I’m crushing on, I see myself being in control.

Then I go over what it feels like to be focused.  Focused on my work, focused on my dreams, focused on my health, focused on becoming the greatest person I can be.  I repeat it over and over again in my head, I AM FOCUSED.  I spend a few minutes thinking about what it means and feels like to be an insanely focused individual.

Next is courage.  Same as the others, I play scenarios in my mind of what courage looks like.  I see myself stepping up and speaking my mind, not afraid of any ridicule or criticism.  I see myself getting over my biggest struggle thus far, public speaking.  I see people knowing me for my fearless attitude.  I visualize me throwing myself out there, not giving a damn and doing what I know is of highest benefit to me, regardless of the comfort level associated with it.

Next is persistence.   Here is where I visualize myself being hyper productive, GETTIN’ SHIT DONE.  I see others praising me for my insane work ethic and drive.  I see myself valuing my own time more and more, always on the move.  Never taking no for an answer.  Not being afraid to questions ask multiple times.  Not being afraid to ask a girl out on a date even after she told me no.  Not being afraid to go out and make a sale.  I won’t give up, that’s the deal here.

Last but not least is positive perception of all things and people.  I visualize people I know and I try to think of a handful of great traits that they possess, and I compliment them in my head.  I am training myself to see only the greatness in everyone, to be a true optimist.  I see myself being grateful for the challenges and never being overwhelmed.  I only see the light, because I have the gift, as well as all other humans, of perception.  No one is in control of the way we perceive, but ourselves.  Seeing the world with eyes of love.

And that’s the extent of my spiritual practice.  I recently started doing this twice a day, not just in the morning, but at night as well.

Your routine is entirely up to you, I just wanted to throw out there an idea that I’ve found to be of immense value in my life.

I encourage you to do your own thing!  Tweak it, play with it, make it your own.  You’ll figure out what works for you.

The more you do this, the more aware you’ll become of what works best for you.

Hope this was helpful. 🙂

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Develop Persistence


Alright, if you’re on this blog I assume you either have meditated before or are curious about it and want begin.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness since my high school years and it hasn’t been as steady a journey as I thought it would be.  Ups and downs, that’s life though, right?

Set backs are apart of our life just as much as growth is apart of life.  The important thing is to not be discouraged when you experience what feels like a setback.

I read once when Napoleon Hill said “endeavor to surround yourself with people who don’t take defeat seriously.”  What wise words!

Persistence is the name of the game.  Don’t let failure be permanent, let it be temporary, and let it be overcome.  If you have persistence, real persistence, everything else will come to you; simply because you won’t give up and you won’t take no for an answer.

So, why am I talking about this?

Because persistence needs to be applied in every area of your life, that is, if you want to succeed at the things you long to accomplish.

. . Which brings me to the art of meditation.  A great example of someone who has developed persistence is one who meditates every day, without fail, no matter how they feel or what their schedule is – they make time to do it.  They know that if they don’t follow through with their habit, it will soon fall off and become less important to them.

A great way to develop persistence is to set yourself a daily task, routine, or thing you want to accomplish.  Make sure it’s something you intend to do every day, without exception.  Let’s use meditation as our example.

Start immediately to execute your daily habit, even set yourself a certain time of the day to do it.  In my case, I meditate, write my goals down, visualize, and read every morning before I leave the house and get to work – WITHOUT FAIL.

There were so many times I wanted to skip the day, and I’ll admit, I’ve been on this journey for many years, there were days that I skipped.  And I’ll tell you this, it was way easier to skip again after I did it the first time.  The next day felt that much easier to take another break.  Don’t fall in to this! It’s a trap!

Right when you get that feeling, telling you to skip your routine because of whatever excuse you made up, that’s your sure sign that your habit is close to permanent.  Remember this, when you are able to consciously choose to do something even though it feels really hard, it will be effortless to do that thing when it feels natural and routine.

Push through the first few weeks, no matter how hard it is (and let’s not forget, whatever you’re doing is probably a beyond simple task), and do it every day.

I’ve heard that the best way to develop a meditation habit is to, for the first week, meditate for just two minutes during each session.  When the next week comes around, maybe do 5 minutes for each session.  Then 10 minutes for the third week, then 20 minutes for the fourth week.

This technique of building yourself up has been proven to increase the chances of developing a life-long habit.  So, start small, work your way up.  Don’t go overboard all at once.

I’m going to leave you with this – do not let yourself off the hook for failure to complete your daily task.  You should feel bad about yourself (I never say those words) if you stop.  Why?  Because you’re giving up on yourself.  You’re giving up your vision to become mindful, learning the guitar, mastering sales, or whatever your intent was.  Don’t give up on yourself!

Anyone can become anything, anyone can do anything, anyone can have anything.  It’s all but a matter of persistence.  The ones who don’t give up, don’t make excuses for themselves, and follow the plan are the ones who make it.

It’s not about your smart you are.  It’s not about your genes.  It’s about YOU.  You are the only one responsible for what you do with your days, don’t forget that.

It’s the people who grind their asses off day in and day out who are recognized as being great later on in life.  Don’t let your mind get in the way.  I can’t stress it enough, start to read, start to study the people who you want to be like one day, start getting really freaking motivated to make this life amazing, because it can be anything you want it to be.

Take care everyone, make the rest of your life the best of your life.

No excuses, do whatever it takes, develop those habits that are going to set yourself up for success down the road from now.  And remember, start small and simple, gradually build yourself up, and don’t give up!
If you want to set up a consultation with one of us, contact us and we will work something out with you, maybe even give you a special discount on your first few sessions.

Bye bye!


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